Our Christmas collection includes beautiful Christmas decorations and accessories, as well as a range of Christmas lights and baubles in different colours and styles. Everything goes together perfectly and follows the latest trends!

Among other things, we deliver

Christmas presents & treats

You can obviously buy the nicest and tastiest Christmas presents at Koopman. We are going to surprise you  with delicious Christmas cookies in attractive tins, funny different types of lollipops, mugs filled with sweets, and special Christmas advent calendars for both children and adults. This makes Christmas even more funny!



Scented candles, tea lights, block candles, round candles, table candles and candles for outside use in any colour and size imaginable. Safe and beautiful candles that last for hours and hours and are guaranteed to bring a warm atmosphere to any room: you can easily purchase them at Koopman. View our extensive selection in our showroom and be inspired!

wrapping paper

Gift boxes

With gift boxes, wrapping paper, labels, cards and ribbons, you can turn any present into a gift the recipient will never forget. You can easily purchase your entire range of gift boxes and accessories at Koopman. We carry various colours, materials and styles.

Christmas trees

At Koopman, we have an extensive selection of Christmas trees that look absolutely real, both with and without lights. Maintenance-free, easy to store, available from stock and of the finest quality. Complete your range of Christmas essentials and view all our models in the showroom. Koopman is also your one-stop shop for Christmas decorations and Christmas lighting.


Baubles, Christmas decorations and lighting in various materials and designs help you decorate your Christmas tree and create the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Koopman has a wide range of baubles, atmospheric decorations and accessories in various modern, trendy colours.

Christmas lights

Atmospheric Christmas lights are a must during the holiday season. Our collection includes a wide range of lights for use in your Christmas tree, light chains and exterior lighting of various types and sizes. Of course, we also carry everything you need with regard to Christmas decorations and baubles in every colour.

christmas decorations christmas textile

Christmas decorations & textile

Christmas decorations and Christmas-themed textile will complete your Christmas collection. At Koopman, you can find everything you need to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere! Our showroom houses various setups that are designed to inspire you. Make Christmas even more special with Koopman’s accessories and table decorations.

christmas garlands

Christmas garlands

Christmas garlands and decorations are an essential part of your collection of Christmas products. They are available in different colours and styles. Visit our showroom to be inspired and look at various Christmas-themed setups. Koopman delivers all products from stock, so your order will be delivered quickly.

dinner christmas


There’s nothing better than a real Christmas dinner. Koopman has everything you need to create a beautiful Christmas-themed table setting, includes tableware and decorative glassware, as well as Christmas decorations, candles, napkins, table linen and accessories. Visit our showroom to complete your own collection and create the perfect Christmas atmosphere!



Lanterns and candles are a must-have in any home, especially during the holiday season. Our collection of Christmas products includes a wide selection of atmospheric lighting. View our collection of decorative lights and create your own Christmas range. You can easily purchase your entire Christmas collection from us, because we also offer Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and Christmas garlands.

Christmas houses

At Koopman, you’ll find Christmas houses with and without lights, of different sizes and in various price ranges. You can use these Christmas houses to build your very own Christmas village. Our collection also includes a range of figurines, trees, light posts and other accessories to go with your Christmas houses. Visit our showroom to be inspired and make your choice.

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