Koopman's collection of garden products includes a broad selection of outdoor furniture for use on your terrace or balcony or in your garden. In addition to sturdy and comfortable garden tables and chairs in various styles, we also offer a collection of garden benches, complete outdoor furniture sets, accessories and BBQs.

Among other things, we deliver

Garden candles & lanterns

Garden candles, lanterns, torches and chandeliers add atmosphere to any garden or balcony. They are a must-have in your collection! Koopman offers a extensive selection of decorative natural light sources for use outside. We have something for all tastes and styles. View our collection in our showroom.

Garden lighting

You can easily add garden lighting such as chain lights, torches, table lights, solar-powered lights and other forms of garden lighting to your store’s collection of garden products. In Koopman’s showroom, you can view our selection, make your choice and place your order immediately. Koopman is also the place to be for other accessories for outside use and a range of garden furniture.


Keep your terrace or balcony cool and covered in shade with a top-quality and sturdy parasol. At Koopman, you can easily purchase your collection of parasols and other garden essentials. You can view our entire product range in our showroom, where you’ll find parasols in various sizes, with or without a stand and in different colours and designs.


A BBQ is a must-have inclusion in any versatile collection of household and garden products. From electrical BBQs to old-school charcoal grills, Koopman offers a wide selection of models in various price ranges. We also carry a selection of BBQ accessories.


Eating outside at a beautifully decorated table. Sturdy tableware. Lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere all evening long. Amazing accessories. Our product range includes everything you need to enjoy the perfect outdoor dinner. Koopman is your reliable wholesaler. We offer a complete collection of high-quality outdoor products at sharp rates.

Garden furniture

Beautiful and comfortable garden furniture will turn any garden, terrace or balcony into a happy place. Our range of lawn benches and chairs, lounge sets, hammocks and reclining chairs is highly diverse. We offer various designs, dimensions, colours and styles – all with the same superior quality.

Garden decorations

Garden decorations add a fun, atmospheric and personal touch to any garden or balcony. That is why Koopman has a wide and surprising range of decorative garden products. From wall cloths to mirrors, from chandeliers to outside table cloths and from candle holders to serving trays. We have products for all tastes and styles in different colours and sizes.

flower pots

Flower pots

Flower pots in bright colours are an eye-catcher in your garden or on your balcony. Filled with beautiful flowers or plants, they add a vibrant touch to any exterior area. They are a staple of every collection of garden products, so make your choice from our extensive selection of flower pots and planters in different sizes, styles and materials.

Party tents

Do you want to keep the guests at your garden party out of the sun or the rain? A sturdy party tent is the ideal solution. We offer a wide range of party tents in our collection. Different models, colours and sizes, but all made of the highest-quality materials and available at sharp rates. You can view our selection in our showroom.

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