Our extensive collection of household products includes a selection of handy tools that can help you keep your home clean and tidy. Choose the best price, the best quality and a trendy design.

Among other things, we deliver

Household textiles

Household textiles are an essential part of any collection of household products. Koopman offers cleaning cloths, hand and dish towels, dusters and mops in any packaging and quantity you want. Of course, we also carry a huge selection of other functional products. All our household products are in stock.

Storage products

Storage products for use in the home and the kitchen are very useful to organise your belongings or textiles and store them neatly. Our collection of storage products includes a wide range of storage boxes, bins and crates of various sizes and different colours. Tidying up your home becomes a piece of cake!

drying racks

Drying racks

Drying racks are a must-have in your collection of household items. A free-standing rack for use in the garden or a smaller rack that can be hung off a door: at Koopman, you will find everything you need for your range of household items. All our products are in stock, which means we can deliver quickly and in the packaging variant of your choice.

Cleaning supplies

At Koopman, you can find a complete selection of cleaning supplies, including buckets, brushes and sponges, floor cleaners, cleaning cloths, brooms and much more. In other words, everything you need to get the job done. Our products are efficient and attractive to the eye!

Brooms & brushes

No household or office is complete without a broom. Koopman’s product range has plenty of options to choose from, suitable for use inside and outside. We also carry a wide selection of brushes and dustpans. Some models are mounted on a stick, so there is no need to bend over or kneel. View our collection in different colours and materials.

waste baskets

Waste baskets

Our selection of waste baskets offers plenty of types, sizes, materials and colours to choose from. A pedal bin for your kitchen? A bin that allows you to separate organic waste and paper? You can view our versatile and extensive range of waste baskets and bins in our showroom, so you can easily create your own collection of household essentials.


A good bucket is an essential thing to have around the house and a staple of any range of household items. Koopman has a wide selection of buckets and other cleaning supplies to choose from. View our collection of high-quality, functional and useful buckets in various dimensions.

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