Our collection of summer and outdoor products is complete, functional and highly versatile. Koopman offers an extensive range of products for cooking, sleeping, playing and having fun while on holiday. In our showroom, you will find everything you need for a fun day at the beach or various exciting outdoor activities.

Among other things, we deliver


Waterproof tents for two, four or six people? A large family tent, an inflatable tent or a lightweight tent? Tents for all conditions, in various sizes and made out of different materials: you’ll find everything you need in Koopman’s extensive range of camping and beach products, including products you can use in and around your tent.


A good BBQ is an essential part of any outdoor collection. Whether you want charcoal or gas, a BBQ for use in your outdoor kitchen or a portable model, Koopman has different types and sizes to choose from. We also offer fire baskets and outdoor heaters. Complete your versatile collection of outdoor essentials and choose the best quality you can find.

Camping furniture

Our collection of camping furniture includes a wide range of camping chairs and foldable tables, as well as sleeping pads, large and small tents, warm sleeping bags, safe lighting, various kitchen accessories and air mattresses. You can easily find everything you need to go camping at Koopman.

sleeping bags and sleeping mat

Sleeping bags & mats

Hit the road well prepared and make sure your camping equipment is complete! That starts with a warm sleeping bag. The choice of sleeping bag depends on the conditions and the temperature. Koopman has a wide selection of sleeping bags of different types and materials. Another essential piece of camping equipment is a sturdy sleeping mat that ensures you can sleep comfortably anywhere you go. Our selection is both diverse and extensive.

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Visit Koopman to complete your store collection of outdoor lighting. Solar-powered lights, chain lights and LED lights do not even require any electricity, which makes them ideal for use outdoor and while traveling! Koopman is your go-to wholesaler for everything to do with camping and outdoor. We offer a wide selection of functional, sturdy and smart camping equipment, fully tailored to your customers’ wishes.


A sturdy cooler or cooler bag is a must have if you want to keep your drinks and snacks cool during a long trip, a day at the beach or on holiday. Large or small, with cooling elements or even rechargeable: at Koopman, you’ll find an extensive selection of coolers and cooler bags in different colours, designs and sizes.

Camping tableware

Plastic plates, cutlery, bowls and cups are ideal for use on the beach, during a day out or on the road. When you choose the quality of Koopman, your plastic cutlery is almost indestructible! We offer an enormous range in different colours. Always functional and easy to clean.



Supboards are a popular beach toy! At Koopman, we have supboards in a variety of designs, sizes, colours and price ranges. Of course, we also have a broad selection of paddles and other beach products. We have everything that sportive beachgoers need. Take a look at our full range in our showroom and create your own store collection.

Beach products

Koopman is the place to be to purchase beach products. We carry everything from beach chairs and windscreens to tents and beach toys. We also offer a wide range of hats, slippers, beach towels and sun umbrellas of various designs and sizes. We have everything you need for your complete store selection of beach products of the finest reliable quality!

Parasols & wind screens

At Koopman, we have everything you need for your camping trip or day at the beach. That includes parasols and sturdy wind screens. Easy to use, strong materials, the finest quality and attractive to the eye! We have a wide selection of products to choose from. View our collection of parasols and wind screens in our showroom.

inflatable products

Inflatable products

No outdoor collection would be complete without inflatable products. Our selection includes everything you need on the camping or the beach; from inflatable beds to arm bands and from beach balls to inflatable toys for use in the pool. Of course, we offer a wide range of inflatable toys for use in the water.

water toys

Water toys

No collection of outdoor products would be complete without a range of water toys! Take a look at our surprising collection of water toys that both children and adults can enjoy. From diving goggles to snorkel sets, from water pistols to pool toys. Visit our showroom, where you’ll find a comprehensive and versatile range of water toys.

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