With Koopman's extensive selection of animal products, every pet gets what it deserves. We offer everything from care products to funny toys for dogs, cats and rodents.

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animal care

Animal care

Are you looking to purchase animal care products? Koopman has what you need. Our collection includes brushes, combs, leashes, collars, beds and a wide selection of accessories and toys for any pet.

animal toys

Animal toys

At Koopman, you can find a wide range of animal toys. Our toys are perfect entertainment for young and old animals. We carry a selection of products for all types of pets and for indoor and outdoor use.



Our product range includes food and drinking troughs for every type of animal, as well as leashes, litter boxes, benches, toys and comfortable beds to sleep in. In other words, our range of animal supplies has everything you need for optimal pet care.

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