Koopman is the place to be to purchase electronic products. Take a look at our comprehensive selection of electronic items. We carry a wide range of telephone accessories such as chargers and ear buds, as well as fans, air conditioning units, speakers, USB drives and headphones. At Koopman, you can find all the electronics you need for your store.

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Speakers & headphones

Koopman’s product range includes a broad selection of speakers and headphones, as well as ear buds and USB drives that can be connected to virtually any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. All our products are of the highest quality and you can choose from a variety of designs and models. Visit our showroom to check out our range of electronic products and create your store selection.


Fans, air coolers & mobile air conditioners

On hot days, fans of various types and sizes, mobile air conditioning units, desktop fans and air coolers are must-have products. In your store, you want to offer your customers a wide range of top-quality products to choose from. You can view our selection of fans and air coolers in our showroom and create your own collection.


Electronics accessories

At Koopman, you can easily and reliably purchase accessories for smartphones, laptops and tablets! We offer a comprehensive and versatile selection of top-quality products. Think of e.g. smartphone covers, charging cables, ear buds, speakers and USB drives, as well as various desktop accessories and calculators. You can view our entire selection in our showroom and create your own product range.

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