Our collection includes a diverse and extensive selection of children's toys: from outdoor toys to various types of indoor playthings. Koopman also offers a wide selection of hip and trendy school supplies for boys and girls.

Among other things, we deliver

inflatable products

Inflatable products

You can easily purchase inflatable products at Koopman. From air mattresses to arm bands, from beach balls to inflatable toys for use in the pool. Our collection includes a wide selection to choose from. Our product range includes everything you need to go camping or spend a day at the beach and we have many different inflatable water toys.

water toys

Water toys

Water toys are an essential part of any varied collection of toys. Complete your product range with our selection of fun water toys. We have everything from pool games to water pistols, goggles, snorkel sets and inflatable toys at Koopman.

Outdoor toys

Outdoor toys come in many different types: from water pistols to jump ropes, from chalk to marbles, from sandboxes to games. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it at Koopman. We have many different types of outdoor toys for small and larger children and for boys and girls. Visit our showroom and be inspired!

party games

Party games

Party games are a great source of fun for players of all ages! At Koopman, you’ll find more than just traditional board games. Our extensive collection also includes a range of new and challenging games. Be inspired in our showroom and take on the challenge!

arts & crafts

Arts & crafts

View everything you need for arts and crafts in Koopman’s showroom: the wholesaler for every creative soul. You can easily purchase your complete range of arts and crafts supplies. Visit our showroom to be inspired and choose what you want from our extensive selection.

Back to school

Back to School! Choose from our range of beautiful and handy school supplies. At Koopman, you’ll find everything you need at school in our new collection: from hip notebooks to pens and from useful pen cases to binders. Visit our showroom and easily create your own selection of writing instruments and school supplies.

arts and crafts supplies


You can easily purchase all your arts and crafts supplies from us. Koopman carries an enormous range of materials for all creative souls. Think of different types of paint, brushes, beads, handcraft products, glues and adhesives and art supplies. Those are just a few examples of everything we have to offer. Visit our showroom and check out our selection for yourself.

children's toys

Children’s toys

You can buy your children’s toys at Koopman! Koopman has a wide range of toys for babies, infants, toddlers and older children, for use inside and outside and for boys and girls. Our collection has something for everybody. Hours of fun are guaranteed!

wooden toys

Wooden toys

Original wooden toys are fun and educational for children of all ages. Games, blocks, puzzles and cars are just a few examples of the many wooden toys you’ll find in Koopman’s extensive collection. We have something for everyone. All our high-quality toys are made to last.

Desk accessories

Desk accessories are as useful as they are fun! Every office, child’s bedroom or kitchen looks better with a message board filled with pictures, mementos and notes that you attach with pins or magnets. At Koopman, we have all types and sizes available. View our collection and make your choice!

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